More Music – Les Racquet

UPDATE – the kickstarter campaign for the new recording was a success… $10,000. the other videos used to promote the project have been added below.

Got to spend the day in studio with the guys from Les Racquet as the work on their newest album. We’re going to be working on some video stuff from the sessions and it’s gonna be cool… check out the update from yesterday.

“Another unsung hero of this record is Sean McNally from who filmed almost the whole process. You may have seen some of his video edits during our Kickstarter campaign. We plan to release the footage as a “making-of” styled documentary to give you more insight on the process, and more understanding of the people involved. Our goals and our focus put our personalities, emotions, and egos on center stage within the theatre of the studio. The characters, the plot and the drama were all there but as time went on and the project progressed, we realized that the story at the root of it all was how we left Brooklyn to spread our music to people in other places, yet in Savannah and Tybee, we found the supportive situation necessary to bring our creativity to the next level, to set it in the stone of a new album and bring it home to where it all started. It is the story of a circle; a tale of two (or more) cities, if you will. We see this as a departure from many things, and a homecoming in more ways than one.”

and here’s a screen grab, since I’m basically shooting 24 pictures every second… pretty cool.

Daniel Malone - Les Racquet