Savannah Wedding Video – LaTonya & Shawn

A couple of chance encounters (if you believe in that sort of thing) with Charleston based photographer Roger Kirby, led to an brief chat with the ladies of Savannah Grand Weddings and ultimately the creation of this Savannah Wedding Video for LaTonya & Shawn. Roger was already photographing the wedding, but they didn’t have anyone for video (it still amazes me that we’re not higher up on the wedding food chain, but I’m doing what I can to change that!) Since I’m relatively new to the Savannah area (and since I need a pretty good reason to leave Tybee), I didn’t know quite what to expect when I was told that the wedding was going to take place at Jepson Center. A gorgeous couple and an amazing venue make for a happy video guy.

The wedding was very cool, and included the traditional “jumping the broom,” which I had only seen in movies up until Saturday. Directly after the ceremony, the entire wedding party climbed aboard a trolley and headed off to Forsyth Park (it just keeps getting better… the fountain & the earlier horse drawn carriage provided details of a true Savannah Wedding Video) Got some great detail shots of the fountain as well as some creative close ups as Roger snapped away.

As the sun went down, we headed back to the Jepson for the reception, with dancing, food and family. Toast’s were made, cake was eaten and a bouquet was thrown. Congratulations to LaTonya & Shawn and thanks to Roger for providing the opportunity to be a part of this great day.

Tybee Island Wedding Video – Janel & Joe

We met Janel’s mom while hanging out at one of our favorite places on Tybee, which also turned out to be the site of her reception. She’s from Virginia… we just moved from Virginia… Janel and Joe now had video for their wedding.

With our friend Stephen Palmer of Tybee Island Wedding at the helm, the wind whipped up and the rain almost held off, but the wedding turned out beautiful and the reception at Tybee Island Social Club was a blast. (They already had a photographer for the wedding, but Wen thought it would be cool to capture some images from the reception for them… so we tossed that in)

Congrats to Tybee locals Janel & Joe… looking forward to seeing you around town.

Janel & Joe's first dance - Tybee Island Social Club

Janel & Joe - "Get a Room!"

Tybee Island Social Club - a great place for your reception

Tybee Island Wedding Photography & Video – Engagement Session

Dani was in town from Montana to hang out with family and plan her Tybee Island Wedding. Her fiance’ Peter also joined her at the last minute and we wanted to take the opportunity to get to know them before we photograph the wedding in October. A quick sunset engagement session was just the trick.

We walked along the beach toward the south end and captured some great images and video along the way. The conversation turned to the cool way that Peter proposed to her and we knew we were on to something. The great story  provided just what I needed to create a very personal video for them to have and for us to get more practice working through the challenges of  the beach as we establish our newly relocated business providing Tybee Island Wedding Photography and Video services here on our new island home.

Dani and Peter are super cool (as well as their parents Jodee and Cheryl, owners of Tybee Island’s “World Famous Breakfast Club.” We’re looking forward to spending some time with them again this fall.

Check out more of our Tybee Island Wedding Photography and Video on our facebook page.


Dani & Peter at the pier Tybee Island

Jodee, Dani, Peter & Cheryl at the pier Tybee Island

Dani & Peter Sunset south beach Tybee Island



Tybee Island Wedding – Full Moon Style

We met Micheal and Sarah within the first week of moving to the island and have become fast friends. They were in the process of “planning” their own version of a Tybee Island Wedding (which actually meant as little planning as possible) and asked us to do the photography and video. The only thing they new for sure is that they wanted to do it at night, on the beach under a full moon. Gotta love a challenge.

From the start, this was far more about getting the “carnival of friends” together to have a good time and to make this new Brady Bunch official. Casual and spontaneous were the key words. (Micheal had made it very clear that he might very well show up in running shorts and a t-shirt) The chosen venue was the monthly Full Moon Party at Marlin Monroe’s. The weather was gorgeous, the moon was full and the love shared between these two was clear to everyone.

Rings and vows were exchanged (the kind of vows you could only find in a Tybee Wedding) and the party moved onto the deck, where there were sunflower cupcakes, funky music and lots of hugs to go around.

Micheal and Sarah spent their honeymoon in Belize and through the miracle of modern technology, we were able to send them a facebook message linking them to the video below Tybee Island Wedding – Full Moon Style

We were thrilled to have the chance to capture this night for Micheal and Sarah and even more thrilled to have them as friends as we start our own new journey here on Tybee Island.

Tybee Island Wedding - Full Moon Style

Tybee Island Wedding - Micheal and Laurel

Tybee Island Wedding - Full Moon Style

Tybee Island Wedding - Cassidy ready to go

Tybee Island Wedding - Full Moon Style

Tybee Island Calendar - YUMMY!

Tybee Island Wedding - Full Moon Style

Tybee Island Wedding - Swing Your Partner

Tybee Island Wedding - Full Moon Style

Tybee Island Wedding - Dancin' in the Moonlight

Tybee Island Wedding - Full Moon Style

Tybee Island Wedding - The Carnival of Friends