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Thank you for visiting us here at Island Photo Video. We are Sean and Wen McNally and though we have been happily married for twenty-six years, we both have our own websites that we keep more updated than this one.  To view more current work, please visit our other websites at and and if you really want the nitty gritty low down on us, then visit Wen’s personal blog at P1320795 P1320731 P1320811

Savannanh Wedding Video – if a picture is worth 1000 words…

Savannah Wedding Video

Savannah Wedding Video – that special moment

quick update – as if to underscore the following post… got this message from the GROOM – “Sean, that teaser video was nothing short of amazing! I almost teared up first time I watched it. My sister and Krista did tear up. I can’t say it enough, it is amazing! Thank you! We can’t wait to see the whole thing!

update 4-5-13 - posted the full hi-lite video and received this from the bride – “It is absolutely AMAZING thank you so much!! We can’t express how much it means to us!!”

There’s an old saying that goes “a picture is worth 1000 words…”

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Lots of New Video

Daniel Malone - Les Racquet

I’ve had the chance to shoot all kinds of video this past few weeks. I’ve got a couple of projects that are going to be very cool and am working on getting more commercials going for local business (you can afford it… trust me) Also had a chance to get some clips of a rare snowy owl here on Tybee (even the birds know that it’s better at the beach in the winter!) which has had over 800 views in less than 24 hours… pretty cool.

enjoy -

Mardi Gras – Tybee Island 2013

Snowy Owl on Tybee

Primal Gear Unlimited – Compact Folding Survival Bow

Les Racquet – Whale Hail – Behind the scenes part 1

Tybee Island – cool people doing cool stuff


We have met some great people since moving to Tybee Island. Many have decided to pursue a simpler life, with more time to do the things they want to do. The DuBois family is one such group. We met them this past summer and immediately knew we liked them. One of the things their sons Steven and Alex like to do is skim board… they skim board a lot. Wen hooked up with them last week to do some photos for some upcoming press exposure and I tagged along with my camera. Here’s how it turned out.

Tybee Island - Alex

Tybee Island - Alex 4




(I got this message just minutes after posting the link to this video on facebook… I love doing what I do)

Thank you sooo much Sean! When I watched it, tears came down, tears of joy of course! I’m such a proud Moma anyway, but to have someone make a video that I can watch over and over forever! It is absolutely perfect! I don’t know how I will ever repay you! Love, Light & Peace! Michelle

More Music – Les Racquet

UPDATE – the kickstarter campaign for the new recording was a success… $10,000. the other videos used to promote the project have been added below.

Got to spend the day in studio with the guys from Les Racquet as the work on their newest album. We’re going to be working on some video stuff from the sessions and it’s gonna be cool… check out the update from yesterday.

“Another unsung hero of this record is Sean McNally from who filmed almost the whole process. You may have seen some of his video edits during our Kickstarter campaign. We plan to release the footage as a “making-of” styled documentary to give you more insight on the process, and more understanding of the people involved. Our goals and our focus put our personalities, emotions, and egos on center stage within the theatre of the studio. The characters, the plot and the drama were all there but as time went on and the project progressed, we realized that the story at the root of it all was how we left Brooklyn to spread our music to people in other places, yet in Savannah and Tybee, we found the supportive situation necessary to bring our creativity to the next level, to set it in the stone of a new album and bring it home to where it all started. It is the story of a circle; a tale of two (or more) cities, if you will. We see this as a departure from many things, and a homecoming in more ways than one.”

and here’s a screen grab, since I’m basically shooting 24 pictures every second… pretty cool.

Daniel Malone - Les Racquet

Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Video – Tony & Jennifer

Fredericksburg Virginia Wedding Video

So, it’s a little weird to get the call to do a wedding for a guy you did Senior Portraits for… but weird in a good way. We were super excited to get the chance to work with Tony & Jennifer to capture their wedding day. (Tony’s dad gave me the golf clubs I still use on the rare occasion that I get to the links…)

Here’s how it went.


Tybee Island video – Surfers for Autism

Wanna know what it ‘s like to spend a day in the water with 200 kids on the autism spectrum surrounded by the greatest surf community and volunteers in the world? It looks a little something like this.

Tybee Island wedding video & photography – Cheri & David

David was referred to us for his Tybee Island wedding video & photography

He and  Cheri were planning a ceremony on the beach at the  North end of Tybee. I had just picked up a couple of new gadgets and was really excited about using them. The new audio setup I used allowed me to capture clear audio, outside on a windy beach (pretty much a constant situation here on Tybee)… needless to say, I was super happy.

David and Cheri are obviously super in love and it was cool to be able to be part of this special day for us to be able to provide them with their Tybee Island wedding video & photography.

Tybee Island Wedding Video & Photography

Tybe Island Wedding Photography & Video – David & Cheri

Tybee Island Wedding Video & Photography

Tybee Island Wedding Video – Lindsey & Marc

Another sunny Saturday on Tybee Island, and the chance to create another gorgeous Tybee Island wedding video. I actually ended up overhearing a conversation on the beach earlier in the morning from a group that turned out to be some of Lindsey’s family. We had a chance to chat and I knew we were going to have a good time later that day.

The wonderful beach wedding was followed by a reception at one of the coolest outdoor venues on Tybee, where I’d been wanting to shoot video for months.

Congratulations Lindsey and Marc.

Tybee Island Family Portrait – The Fryes

A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to hang out with a great family we met while living back in Virginia. They had spent a week vacationing in Florida and popped in for a quick Tybee Island family portrait on their way back up north. We had 3 generations, the beach and a gorgeous sunset to work with.

Planning your own vacation this summer? Why not stop off and have us create a Tybee Island family portrait for your family…

Tybee Island family portraits

Tybee Island family portraits